Who I am:
I operate under a couple of aliases:
dr_whuh  (You don't have to pronounce the "dr" part. If you want me, just yell, "Whuh?".)
BB,kaffyr's nickname for me on her LJ and Dreamwidth pages.
In the Real World, I get called Bob a lot.

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Live! From Evanston Hospital! Live as I'm liable to get, anyhow ....

     A quickie from my bed of ... uhm ... not much of me:
     First things first; if you'd like to read the entire story of my health adventures, you can link back to the tale as told by kaffy_r , starting here.
     My thanks — beyond anything I could possibly express — to all the people who have offered me their good wishes, and have been so supportive of my sweetheart in the past couple of weeks. Many angels have won their wings.
     Fitz, thanks so much for the books (crosswords and xkcd)! They have served to save my sanity, and when you hear about the full "hospital psychosis" episode, boy, will you be impressed. Idle hands are the devil's playground, believe you me.
     kaffy_r  is sitting here, dutifully taking dictation, because typing raises my heart rate well over 100. Even talking can jack it up pretty well. Moi, as Silent Bob? Tough to imagine, ain't it?
    More, later. I really just wanted to check in to say thanks right now. Lurve yer all,
    Smilin' Bob

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Felicitations on Your Natal Anniversary, My Dearestest, Most Wonderfulestest
I am just the luckiest person ever.
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